vizcog George is developing a stage act which uses the science of Visual Cognition to teach an audience the art of SEEING caricatures in the people around us. Comprising of Power Point presentation, with on floor Rota Board demonstrations, George picks on well known figures and some figures more relevant to the chosen audience and deconstructs their faces, exposing their obvious characteristics with hilarious caricature effect. With the help of a hands-free mic, George interacts, charms and wows the audience with his intimate knowledge of his caricature art and the use of his twisted eye!

George’s caricature show has been previewed at Leicester Emergency showcase, November 2013, going on to make its continental debut in Germany, January 2014, then running as workshops in Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival 2014!


  • Suitable for audience of upto 100 people
  • Venue must have plug in projector, PA system and audio mixing desk
  • George supplies drawing board, laptop and Mic
  • Talk lasts upto 20 minutes
  • Talks are tailored to include company personnel and relevant figures
  • Talks can be more or less audience interactive
  • PRICE quote available on request