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Leicester Mercury spread

Leicester Mercury

My latest double page spread from my buddies at The Leicester Mercury, covering my caricature exhibition for the Leicester Comedy Festival 2018.

Comedy Festival exhibition 2018

George's Exhibition 1 George's Exhibition 2

Another year, another Leicester Comedy Festival, another exhibition for me. This will be my third instalment of my collection of British comedy giants called “Make Em Laugh” (pt3) which has earned me another local newspaper spread, Watch this space!

“Greatest Comedy Sketch Show!”

“Greatest Comedy Sketch Show!”

I’m proud to display my latest press release, a three page article in today’s Leicester Mercury. The article focuses on my latest exhibition “Make ‘Em Laugh!” which was compiled to complement┬áthe Leicester Comedy Festival, I created caricatures of a dozen British comedy greats. This is the third year runing that my work has been hung at the Y Theatre in Leicester and I look forward to expanding the collection and exhibiting again during┬ánext year’s comedy festival.

Leicester comedy festival article

Leicester Mercury spread