Donald Trump “FAKE!”

Donald Trump caricature

This week Donald Trump has been head to head with the Press on a daily basis, following his briefings on the COVID19 outbreak. In a week where daily deaths in the US reached 2600, he boasted of being ‘over the peak’ and ‘ready to open for business’. When confronted by the Press he called them “FAKE”! When Doctors complained about lack of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) he accused them of wanting to be on TV! This man is a danger to the US and the world in my opinion.

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Trump Pout

Donald Trump pout

This man just keeps on giving – he is an endless supply of inspiration to all caricaturists. Here he is demonstrating his infamous Trump pout expression.

Fffffresh Trump

Donald Trump caricature

After nearly two years my incredulity has faded and turned to anger, reflected in this portrait caricature of US President Donald Trump, depicted mid speech, no doubt spreading love and tolerance! I am not a fan of this man and believe he will do our world no good.

Proud of Trump?

SPEECHLESS! Donald Trump is elected US president overnight, by the American people…

trump smug caricature