Farfetch in London

Farfetch in London

Daytime office caricatures at Farfetch, Old Street in London. Caricatures can be a real morale boost and sales incentive, while having a product launch or sales drive.

May offend the Frail, Vain or Ugly!

caricature roast

Don’t just be drawn, be roasted by the most outrageous walkabout caricature artist in the UK. ‘Spot On George‘ is renowned for his amazing likenesses, despite the outrageous exaggerations and genre bending drawing style. He’ll capture you in 4 minutes flat – like it or not, the crowd will love it! Are you ready for a caricature roasting?

These caricatures are not for the Frail, Vain or Ugly and don’t ask him to “BE NICE”!

Corporate bangers!

Fantastic faces at a corporate dinner in Tewkesbury this evening, the pens were flowing and the caricature Gods were with me!

Caricature resources: iToons digital – Weddings – Artist directory