Mads Mikkelsen

Mads Mikkelsen

Infamous bad guy, actor Mads Mikkelsen, with his icy cold killer stare and pouting Danish mouth. The perfect Hannibal Lecter or Bond villain.

Trump Pout

Donald Trump pout

This man just keeps on giving – he is an endless supply of inspiration to all caricaturists. Here he is demonstrating his infamous Trump pout expression.

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Office caricatures

In these time of austerity and job uncertainty, with Brexit round the corner and workers feeling the pinch, we all need some cheer in the workplace. Office caricatures are an ideal way to lighten the mood in your workplace and raise morale in just a few minutes. I come to your office or factory and set up in a suitable space, then draw all your willing staff, creating an instant workplace buzz and raising spirits! This works particularly well during sales target pushes and other incentive driven promotions, but don’t worry it takes just a few minutes per person, so I wont impact your productivity!

Invite me to your workplace during office hours and get a mid-week discount on your two hour booking. Large workforce? I’m happy to offer a block discount for repeat bookings even at multiple sites. I’ve drawn over 400 staff at Adobe and 200 staff at RPC recycling, so numbers are not an issue. Drop me a line and see what I can do for your staff morale.

office caricatures