Having a party, maybe a wedding reception and decided to hire a caricaturist to entertain guests? Have you spent weeks trawling the internet, contacting artists for examples , prices and references until you decided Spot On George was the best caricaturist for the job? An excellent choice! Why oh why therefore would you keep this a secret or a surprise?

Please, please never keep your entertainment as a surprise for guests, as many will never have met a close up entertainer such as a Magician or Caricaturist and many will turn up, glum faced and ignore the nice gents in suits walking around trying to get their attention. For an entertainer, walking into a cold room full of people who ignore them is soul destroying and it wastes at least the first hour, as I have to explain who I am and what I am doing.

In 23 years of entertaining at functions, the only ones that have failed have been when I was kept secret – at one wedding the Groom even manhandled me towards the door to eject me!!

Hire the BEST caricaturist – Brad Pitt’s caricaturist, Amanda Holden’s caricaturist, Paul O’Grady’s caricaturist, Ant & Dec’s caricaturist, TV Times’ caricaturist and the ONLY live caricaturist in GQ – THEN BOAST ABOUT IT, TELL EVERYONE AND BUILD UP A BUZZZZZZZ!!

Trust me, Spot On George is worth the buzz and it will last for months!

Brad Pitt’s Birthday Gift

Last November I received the call from Brad Pitt’s PA, saying how much they loved my Pulp Fiction caricature and that they would like to commission me to draw Brad Pitt’s caricature for his 50th birthday gift!

brad pitt caricature


I jumped at the chance and headed south to the set of his latest movie ‘FURY’, which was being shot in the UK. I spent the most exhilarating day with Brad and his film crew, on set, watching the explosions and drama unfold before the cameras, while I snapped a few shots and drew the crew’s caricatures.

I toiled away at the composition, which included his Personal Team (hairdresser, lookalike, PA, driver, dresser) for over a week and when it was finished I had the honor of presenting it to Brad Pitt on set on his birthday in December. Unfortunately he decided to shoot a ‘closed set’ on his birthday and so I did not get to see his reaction to the artwork, but he must’ve liked it because he asked for a copy of my Fight Club caricature poster too!!

Unfortunately I signed a non-disclosure waiver, which means that I cannot impart any details, but as I retain original copyright, I assume I can now share the caricature with the public.

It was a joy to be on set with Brad Pitt and an honor to be chosen as his caricaturist. Best day of last year for sure 🙂