Having a party, maybe a wedding reception and decided to hire a caricaturist to entertain guests? Have you spent weeks trawling the internet, contacting artists for examples , prices and references until you decided Spot On George was the best caricaturist for the job? An excellent choice! Why oh why therefore would you keep this a secret or a surprise?

Please, please never keep your entertainment as a surprise for guests, as many will never have met a close up entertainer such as a Magician or Caricaturist and many will turn up, glum faced and ignore the nice gents in suits walking around trying to get their attention. For an entertainer, walking into a cold room full of people who ignore them is soul destroying and it wastes at least the first hour, as I have to explain who I am and what I am doing.

In 23 years of entertaining at functions, the only ones that have failed have been when I was kept secret – at one wedding the Groom even manhandled me towards the door to eject me!!

Hire the BEST caricaturist – Brad Pitt’s caricaturist, Amanda Holden’s caricaturist, Paul O’Grady’s caricaturist, Ant & Dec’s caricaturist, TV Times’ caricaturist and the ONLY live caricaturist in GQ – THEN BOAST ABOUT IT, TELL EVERYONE AND BUILD UP A BUZZZZZZZ!!

Trust me, Spot On George is worth the buzz and it will last for months!

Spot On Tips – Marquees

Having a party, maybe a wedding reception and decided the best venue is a marquee? Hiring a caricaturist too? When booking/hiring a marquee you should always consider the following factors for a successful party.

  • Summer – Does your marquee have air-con? A large white closed sided tent can be stifling in the hot sun, for guests and performers alike.
  • Winter – Does your marquee have lighting? Long winter nights often plunge a marquee into darkness early on and lighting can be essential for diners and performers alike. Perhaps consider independently lit areas such as the bar and dancefloor.
  • Floors – Does your marquee have a false floor, is it steady or wobbly? Wet weather can undermine false floors and create walking/working hazards for guests and artists alike.
  • Weather – Is your marquee robust enough for the British weather? Strong winds, heavy rain and brilliant sunshine are all magnified once inside a marquee and can interrupt proceedings.

Caricaturists need good lighting and a steady footing to draw their walkabout caricatures and often there is no power supply for extra lighting in a marquee, so consider the above points before booking your marquee or your caricaturist.

Good luck with your event and remember to only hire the best caricaturist for your guests!

Choosing which live caricaturist to hire?

George is one of a rare breed of full time professional live caricaturists or ENTERTAINERS, but there are other caricaturists such as RETAILERS and HOBBYISTS available for hire. The choice is yours;

  • The Entertainer will charge for their time and pack those few hours with laughter and fun. Their aim is to dazzle your guests, mingling, raising a laugh or even applause, using drawing skills, whit and charm. The caricatures may be more exaggerated, but your guests will marvel at the likeness and the atmosphere is usually electric!
  • The Retailer will offer a competitive quote or may even charge your guests at your event. They will work hard, head down, seated at an easel as if on a street corner, producing the same sweet likeness over and over. Their aim is to flatter their subject for extra gratuities, but entertainment is rarely on the agenda.
  • The Hobbyist is usually unqualified, they may charge mere pennies, then turn up in inappropriate attire to disappoint your guests, while learning their trade at your expense. Quality and reliability are not guaranteed, indeed many part time artists have a choice of whether they turn up or not!

Be sure you hire the right artist for your event, simply ask a few questions;

  • Is your artist a full time professional caricaturist or part time?
  • Is your Artist qualified or trained, with experience?
  • Will they entertain or sit at an easel in a corner?
  • Will your artist be charging your guests?
  • Will they let you down should a better paid job arise?

Remember, the less money you pay, the less quality, reliability and entertainment you will receive. Much the same as when choosing a good Restaurant, that little more will leave you recommending it to friends, but the cheaper the dish, the more bitter the after taste for all your guests.

Blue Peter caricatures

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