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Fave Live Drawings

Every caricature takes less than 5 minutes to draw, but some practically draw themselves. These are my favourites!

George drawing live

A few snapshots of George at work, drawing caricatures live, from 1991 to 2017. Probably the UK’s best turned out caricaturist. This is what you pay your money for, a first class entertainer, not just a shoddy scribbler in a hoody or a dickie bow.

World Politics

A smattering of world politics, mostly digital vector caricatures, regularly updated.

British Comedy Greats

A collection of iconic headhsot style caricatures, of Great British comedians and comedy actors, fit to adorn the wall of any grand theatre! Artwork commissioned for an exhibition at The Y Theatre (Leicester) for the duration of the Leicester Comedy Festival in 2016/17/18/19. Prints now available on Etsy.

GQ Magazine

George began drawing caricatures for GQ in 2012 and is published regularly. He is the only performing, walkabout caricaturist to be published in GQ, Britain’s top men’s lifestyle magazine.
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Movie Stars & Movies

(50 images)

Welcome to my movie caricature gallery, featuring movie stars, directors and iconic posters. Many other Celebrity caricatures including Football caricatures, Political and Satirical caricatures are available as prints, posters or postcards. Your opportunity to own original cartoon or caricature artwork by George from my extensive caricature gallery.

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Smile You’re Dead

(33 images)

George’s caricature epitaph to the recently departed, raising one last smile for our dead celebrities.
For more caricatures of the famous deceased visit  Smile You’re Dead

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