walkabout caricaturesGeorge is a Showman, he draws party caricatures while standing and mingling with guests, not at an easel in a corner, drawing one caricature every 4 minutes, thats 12-15 each hour! Together with his wit and charm he raises laughter across the room and creates an energetic buzz.

Ideal ice breaker for Christmas parties, Birthday parties or corporate events

price quote?Facts:

  • One caricature every 4 minutes
  • Large A3 drawings in a plastic sleeve
  • All caricatures are free to guests
  • George prefers to walk around at parties
  • Reasonable lighting is required
  • George draws mainly singles, as groups are slower and require an easel.

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´╗┐Wedding Entertainment

award winning caricaturistGeorge is the award winning  ‘Wedding Artist‘, he specialises in wedding caricatures and loves seeing the happy faces he leaves behind at over 50 weddings each year. He mingles with your guests during the two main lulls, when nothing much is happening other than photos; either before the meal or after the meal. His average performance is 2 hours, but the caricatures he creates in the afternoon are shared with the evening guests and treasured for a lifetime.


  • All caricature drawings are free to guests
  • George fits around the Bride & Groom’s schedule
  • George does not draw during the meal as it is far too busy
  • George draws upto 30 people in 2 hours, mainly immediate family
  • PRICE and availability on request




Choosing which live caricaturist to hire?

George is one of a rare breed of full time professional live caricaturists or ENTERTAINERS, but there are other caricaturists such as RETAILERS and HOBBYISTS available for hire. The choice is yours;

  • The Entertainer will charge for their time and pack those few hours with laughter and fun. Their aim is to dazzle your guests, mingling, raising a laugh or even applause, using drawing skills, whit and charm. The caricatures may be more exaggerated, but your guests will marvel at the likeness and the atmosphere is usually electric!
  • The Retailer will offer a competitive quote or may even charge your guests at your event. They will work hard, head down, seated at an easel as if on a street corner, producing the same sweet likeness over and over. Their aim is to flatter their subject for extra gratuities, but entertainment is rarely on the agenda.
  • The Hobbyist is usually unqualified, they may charge mere pennies, then turn up in inappropriate attire to disappoint your guests, while learning their trade at your expense. Quality and reliability are not guaranteed, indeed many part time artists have a choice of whether they turn up or not!

Be sure you hire the right artist for your event, simply ask a few questions;

  • Is your artist a full time professional caricaturist or part time?
  • Is your Artist qualified or trained, with experience?
  • Will they entertain or sit at an easel in a corner?
  • Will your artist be charging your guests?
  • Will they let you down should a better paid job arise?

Remember, the less money you pay, the less quality, reliability and entertainment you will receive. Much the same as when choosing a good Restaurant, that little more will leave you recommending it to friends, but the cheaper the dish, the more bitter the after taste for all your guests.

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