Merry Christmas mugs!

Introducing the ultimate Rock God gift for Christmas, your own Lemmy caricature Christmas mug! Now available on Etsy, so order them while they’re hot!
Xmas Lemmy Mug

B&W Caricature of you

Hand drawn CARICATURES from photos

I can draw you from hi-res photos, single or double. Simply pay safely and easily via PayPal below and attach three GOOD* clear JPGs of subject. Your caricature will be delivered within two weeks from receipt of photos and payment.

couple caricature

COST:  1 face £20,  2 faces £40,  3 faces £60  (max)

+£7 P&P, unless JPG only is required



NOTE: I DRAW TRUE CARICATURES, NOT PRETTY PORTRAITS.  Black and white, head only. No groups, backgrounds, pets or hobbies. If you order a JPG scan, you will only receive a scan (via email), order A3 paper and you will only receive a paper version (via POST).

TERMS: Fee covers ten minutes drawing time, no previews, re-draws or self editing allowed. Fee covers EITHER A3 drawing or A4 scan, not both.

*BAD photo…

No hats, sun glasses, blurry faces, dark rooms or long distance shots. NO NIGHT SHOTS. Cannot see hair or eyes, features are blurry, could be anyone!

Bad photo 1

*GOOD photo…

Close range, perfect three quarter pose, hairstyle clear, eyes visible, hi resolution, natural expression. DAYLIGHT SHOT…

Good photo 1

Wedding Invitations and Signing Boards

Black & white from £100

Please visit my Wedding Artist website for examples and full details of how to order.

Colour Caricatars

For Facebook, Twitter etc. from £60
Caricatars™ are full colour personalised vector graphic caricatures, available for social media sites and private usage.



Sorry but I generally do not take on domestic commissions. For all other types of corporate, commercial and editorial commissions or published work, please send brief and deadline for a price quote.

See how my Caricatars can be used on your website, visit a previous client (hovver over photos)

Aylis caricature

Honest grapes