Office Caricatures

Office caricatures are an ideal way to lighten the mood in your workplace and raise morale in just a few minutes. George comes to your office or factory and sets up in a suitable space, then draws all your willing staff, creating an instant workplace buzz and raising spirits! This works particularly well during sales target pushes and other incentive driven promotions, but don’t worry it takes just a few minutes per person, so it wont impact your productivity!

Invite George to your workplace any weekday and enjoy a midweek discount on your two hour booking. Large workforce? Happy to offer a block discount for repeat bookings even at multiple sites

George has drawn 400 office caricatures for Adobe and 200 staff at RPC, so numbers are no problem.

price from £300


  • Each b&w caricature takes 4 – 5 minutes to produce
  • Colour Digital option also available
  • Block booking discount available for larger workforces
  • Mid-week discount applies during office hours
  • PRICE quote available on request


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“itoons” – Digital Caricatures

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George has been drawing live digital caricatures since 2008 and is adept on iPad, Samsung and Surface tablets to produce full colour caricatures, displayed on an LED screen. This static format is ideal to draw a crowd to an exhibition stand and each caricature captures the interest of passers by. George is self contained and portable, with his own iPad and printer, to produce 6 x 4″ colour printouts on the spot, email or save the images to branded memory sticks. A plasma screen is essential for this format and George can supply a 32″ screen if required. 

George has drawn digital caricatures for most major IT companies; Adobe, Sharp, Philips, Canon, HP, Samsung, Intel, Microsoft, Xerox and travelled the world with them to Barcelona, Paris, Berlin, Bahrain, Dubai.

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See my TIPS & HINTS regarding exhibitions.


  • Each colour caricature takes 7 – 10 minutes to produce
  • Drawings come with added company logo
  • Wireless printouts available for lanyards – 6×4″
  • George’s tablets are compatible with most HDMI plasma screens for maximum display effectiveness, but a technical advisor is essential on the day.
  • George does not draw walkabout digital, only static with a screen
  • PRICE quote available on request


Caricature resources: iToons digitalWeddingsArtist directory

XL Exhibition Caricatures

XL caricatures by GeorgeGeorge recently developed a new act, using a large scale rota board to produce the ultimate crowd puller; XL exhibition caricatures. He turns your stand into a performance stage as he picks on passers by and draws them on super sized paper, to the amazement of curious onlookers. The large caricatures are then photographed and uploaded to an online page of client’s choosing for later download, they are also snapped by punters and may even be torn off and taken away. This attraction is impossible to ignore and has crowds rolling with laughter every 5 minutes, an invaluable exhibition marketing tool!

See my TIPS & HINTS regarding exhibitions.

price quote?


  • Each caricature takes 5-7 minutes to produce
  • George supplies all materials and board
  • Legamaster 48″ Rota Board is more visible than most 32″ plasmas
  • George is currently the only caricaturist in Europe using this setup
  • PRICE quote available on request

Viscog Workshops

vizcogGeorge is developing a stage act which uses the science of Visual Cognition to teach an audience the art of SEEING caricatures in the people around us. Comprising of Power Point presentation, with on floor Rota Board demonstrations, George picks on well known figures and some figures more relevant to the chosen audience and deconstructs their faces, exposing their obvious characteristics with hilarious caricature effect. With the help of a hands-free mic, George interacts, charms and wows the audience with his intimate knowledge of his caricature art and the use of his twisted eye!

George’s caricature show has been previewed at Leicester Emergency showcase, November 2013, going on to make its continental debut in Germany, January 2014, then running as workshops in Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival 2014!


  • Suitable for audience of upto 100 people
  • Venue must have plug in projector, PA system and audio mixing desk
  • George supplies drawing board, laptop and Mic
  • Talk lasts upto 20 minutes
  • Talks are tailored to include company personnel and relevant figures
  • Talks can be more or less audience interactive
  • PRICE quote available on request

Choosing which live caricaturist to hire?

George is one of a rare breed of full time professional live caricaturists or ENTERTAINERS, but there are other caricaturists such as RETAILERS and HOBBYISTS available for hire. The choice is yours;

  • The Entertainer will charge for their time and pack those few hours with laughter and fun. Their aim is to dazzle your guests, mingling, raising a laugh or even applause, using drawing skills, whit and charm. The caricatures may be more exaggerated, but your guests will marvel at the likeness and the atmosphere is usually electric!
  • The Retailer will offer a competitive quote or may even charge your guests at your event. They will work hard, head down, seated at an easel as if on a street corner, producing the same sweet likeness over and over. Their aim is to flatter their subject for extra gratuities, but entertainment is rarely on the agenda.
  • The Hobbyist is usually unqualified, they may charge mere pennies, then turn up in inappropriate attire to disappoint your guests, while learning their trade at your expense. Quality and reliability are not guaranteed, indeed many part time artists have a choice of whether they turn up or not!

Be sure you hire the right artist for your event, simply ask a few questions;

  • Is your artist a full time professional caricaturist or part time?
  • Is your Artist qualified or trained, with experience?
  • Will they entertain or sit at an easel in a corner?
  • Will your artist be charging your guests?
  • Will they let you down should a better paid job arise?

Remember, the less money you pay, the less quality, reliability and entertainment you will receive. Much the same as when choosing a good Restaurant, that little more will leave you recommending it to friends, but the cheaper the dish, the more bitter the after taste for all your guests.

Blue Peter caricatures

Caricature resources: iToons digital – Weddings – Artist directory