Holding a fundraising event and need entertainment? Remember that entertainers are WORKERS just like the caterers, waiting staff and bar staff and expect to get paid, so unless every other worker at your event is prepared to donate £350 each, please do not ask your Caricaturist to do so. Raising money by using my skills is simply not cost effective and here is an explanation why:

  • Scenario 1 – Hire your Carix and drawings are FREE. Punters will love it, all have fun and maximum numbers drawn (around 40 in 3 hours).  Cash raised is £0 – Carix fee £350 = deficit £350
  • Scenario 2 – Hire your Carix and ask for donations. Punters are put off and those who do feel fleeced, so give £5 each. Fewer are drawn (around 25 in 3 hours). Cash raised is £125 – Carix fee £350 = deficit £225
  • Scenario 3 – Ask Carix to charge and give you 10%. Minimum charge would be £10 each, punters are put off, so even fewer drawn (around 15 in 3 hours). Cash raised is £150 – Carix fee £135 = profit £15 
  • Scenario 4 – Ask Carix to charge and give you 10%. Minimum charge suggested by you of £5 each, punters are put off, so fewer drawn (around 25 in 3 hours). Cash raised is £125 – Carix fee £112.50 = profit £12.50

Very few Caricature Artists would be willing to offer their services at the prospect of £112.50 weekly wage and so most will refuse all but the first scenario. Caricaturists are not insured to collect cash at live events and so would need a member of staff to follow them and take donations, this alone is enough to deter most punters as experience has taught me over 26 years.

So please please please think twice before hoping to make a profit from your walkabout entertainer. Have a raffle, an auction or a quizz, maybe even include a donation in your ticket prices, but do not put the burden of fund raising on an already pressured artist. Caricature Artists are there to entertain your guests, not pester them for cash.

Christmas caricatures

Orders are now being taken for 2017 Christmas caricatures and illustrations, from cards to magazine covers, vector caricatures are hilarious and  tailored to your brief. Drop me a line now to get your publication noticed this year or to send your employees a unique piece of humorous artwork, my artistic eye is all yours.

Local Pub caricatures

Lovely local booking, drawing caricatures of pub regulars at the White Lion Inn, Whissendine, Rutland. Some great faces and every one happy to be drawn! I look forward to seeing these up on the wall, my next visit!

Archway Events sports Gala

Gala sports evening in Norwich this evening, with a handful of sporting celebrities and whole lot of great faces to caricature! Thanks to Archway Events for putting the event together and inviting me along to entertain their corporate sponsors.