Mid Week Madness

mid week sale

Any daytime mid week booking for two hours entertainment will cost just £300, to encourage industrial and corporate clients to bring caricature fun into the workplace. Happy to come to your factory or place of work and draw your workmates for a couple of hours. This offer is not valid during December.

Dinner at De Vere EMCC

Caricatures at a corporate awards event, strictly black tie at De Vere East Midlands Conference Centre, Nottingham Uni. The poor lighting made for some minimalist drawings, ironically possibly some of my best live caricatures!

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Fffffresh Trump

Donald Trump caricature

After nearly two years my incredulity has faded and turned to anger, reflected in this portrait caricature of US President Donald Trump, depicted mid speech, no doubt spreading love and tolerance! I am not a fan of this man and believe he will do our world no good.