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CONTRACTS will be exchanged electronically, via Email from


Domestic (non-corporate) bookings should pay a £70 deposit upon booking, which is non-refundable. Any issues or cancellations should be raised within 14 days of submitting the above form, deposits are refundable during this period only, unless booking is made within 14 days of event date.

Please use the PAYMENTS page, to pay any deposits safely by Paypal.



All fees are payable on or before the date of engagement. Corporate (non-domestic) bookings should send invoice details when making their booking.

Bookings made within 21 days of event must be paid for upon booking



(As per contract)

  1. Payment of all fees should be made and cleared before the performance can commence.
  2. Performance times may be flexible to within 30 minutes by both parties if required.
  3. The Artist cannot guarantee a specific amount of drawings per booking, unless previously agreed by both parties and will pick on random guests unless instructed otherwise.
  4. Children; The Artist is not a children’s entertainer and accepts no responsibility for unsupervised minors in his presence.
  5. Force Majeure; The Artist cannot be held liable for non-fulfilment of contract due to circumstances beyond his control. In such cases all fees shall be refunded less expenses incurred, unless engagement is satisfactorily sub-contracted by arrangement.
  6. Cancellation of this contract within 30 days of event will result in the FULL FEE being payable by the Client. All deposits are non-refundable, unless in the unlikely event of Artist cancellation, when all deposits/fees paid will be returned.
  7. Cancellation procedure; In this event, please fill in section on contract and return with maximum notice possible.
  8. Non return of issued contracts without written explanation will be treated as a breach of agreement and all financial losses suffered by the Artist will be recovered by legal means. These include admin costs, loss of potential earnings and unpaid deposits.
  9. Client Liability; This Contract of Employment outlines the Client’s responsibilities as an employer. These include payment of fees promised in the event of last minute cancellation, under the legal doctrine of Promissory Estoppel/ Detrimental Reliance.
  10. EQUITY; George is a full Equity member, any disputes which may arise will be dealt with by the union.


  1. NO DARKNESS – I require good lighting – a Disco or dark bar makes it impossible to draw.
  2. NO SURPRISES – Make sure everyone knows I will be coming! Build up interest, otherwise I can be ignored on the day.
  3. NO LISTS – But if you want specific people drawn, make them known to me. I cannot be held responsible for guests not drawn on the day.
  4. NO INTERRUPTIONS – My performance will be paused during speeches, meal, games and raffles.