Caricatures in a tent in Norfolk

Tonight was a 21st Birthday party in a marquee near Swaffham, Norfolk, but I felt an air of popm and ceremony, so I wore my Lord George outfit; B&W brogues, waistcoat, top hat and fur coat! Hard work drawing caricatures in the dark, but my head torch came in handy.

Disney Garden Party caricatures

Attended a very nice garden party in Norton Disney (Lincs) today, drawing caricatures of guests in the sunshine and eating cucumber sandwiches!

Spot On Tips – Digital caricatures

Spot On Tips – Digital caricatures

Its the latest thing; Digital drawn caricatures! With the flooding of the digital tablet market comes the flood of requests for digital caricatures, on Samsung, on iPad or on Cintiq. Full colour and emailed to your clients, what a great idea! But you’re having a dinner party?? Unless you have a Tech team on hand, think again.

The main draw back with digital is the lack of product at the end, a bit like a long drawn out joke without a punchline. The artist stands in a dark dining room or bar, glaring at a 10″ screen, fiddling with effects and layers, while diners ignore them and after 10 minutes, they are asked for an email address and they don’t see the artwork until the following day, sober. A colleague of mine summed up the experience brilliantly; “I felt like I was taking a survey in the corner, while diners ignored me!”

Digital caricatures are a static medium, in other words they are best at an exhibition stand, plugged into a plasma screen and a printer, to draw punters to your product. As each drawing takes at least 10 minutes, it captivates the passing punters as it unravels on the big screen. The result can be printed out or emailed at your leisure.