Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival 2014

After much last minute wrangling, I have managed to secure myself two exhibitions and a workshop, all as a part of next year’s Leicester Comedy Festival. I shall be holding a pre-show exhibition for two weeks at LCB Depot, then transferring the exhibits to The Y Theatre for the duration of February. The exhibition is called “Spot On @ The Movies” and will be a selection of 12 posters from my Movie poster collection, illustrating some of the most iconic movie posters in caricature form. To coincide with this I shall be running a caricature seminar/workshop at LCB Depot on 20th February, at which I will offer tips and tricks on how to SEE a caricature and demonstrate my live drawing techniques to the public. This will be listed as “Spot On @ LCB Depot” and has limited spaces available. I’m very much looking forward to both events.
comedy festival caricature exhibition

Comedy Festival caricatures

Just received some press photos from my warm up exhibition at LCB Depot, which will be moving to The Y Theatre in February.

spot on caricature exhibition

spot on caricature exhibition

Has anyone ever drawn George?

“Has anyone ever drawn you George?” they often ask…  Here is a selection of caricatures, drawn by fellow artists, the public and a few celebrities.
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